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thanks, taylor

Last night, after weeks of anticipation, some friends gathered in my living room to listen to--and talk about--Taylor Swift's 1989. We differed on our favorites, but all agreed that it was a hit. It wasn't only the album (or being with friends in general) that made the evening so enjoyable for me, though. It was something I hadn't done in a while--probably not since high school.

Remember how time seemed endless in high school? Aside from those hideous pleated red-and-green plaid skirts we had to wear, I remember a lot of waiting. Laying in the soccer field, sitting on the concrete bleachers facing the field, walking to and from two cafeterias, leaning against the wall where everyone could be found... And to pass the time, there was a lot of talking. Some of the best conversations I ever had were in high school. I mean, we had so much time that things got deep. There were existential topics like whether hell really existed and what it was actually like (I went to a Catholic school), what it really meant to save yourself for marriage and if boys should too (again, Catholic school). And there were very detailed analyses of anything and everything related to pop culture. It was a time when I thought I would always know every single word to every single song of my favorite bands, when my friends and I all watched the same shows and had (what we thought were) brilliant insights about our favorite characters. We watched all of the movies that came out, even the terrible ones---cough, Dungeons and Dragons, cough.

The sixteen-year-old me would have raised an eyebrow and been open-mouthed in disbelief at how little TV I watch these days and my appalling change to approximately two movies a year. But she would have been thrilled (and so approving) of last night. When the most important thing for two hours was a single album. Because she knew, with all her teenage, angsty experience, how music can change your life and how the least it deserves is some of my undivided attention and time.


oh t-swiz

I'm a Taylor Swift fan and proud of it. I get the criticism, I wince at the surprised face, and I did not agree when she said there was a special place in hell for Tina and Amy. At the same time, I give her credit for her business savvy, her polite handling of the media, her style, and, of course, her songwriting. (I love a good lyric, and she is a clever, clever girl with a line, that Taylor.) She rarely has a fashion miss and absolutely nailed it at the Grammys last night.

I was pleased as punch when I saw the outfit change for her performance (gorgeous again!) and heard the song choice ("All Too Well" is one of my favorites on Red) but had to cringe at the--not one, not two, but--at least four neck snaps in succession during her performance. And then I had to laugh when my good friend and co-fan texted me to Twitter-search "Taylor Swift neck." Oh well, that, and her amazing ability to go from standing to down on her knees to back on the floor in one second flat (see video for "I Knew You Were Trouble"), is just another reason to love her.

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your soundtrack

On my way to school this morning, I realized how lucky I am to be able to walk everywhere. There’s something about walking energetically, knowing you are about to face a new day, that feels pretty goshdarn great. This is especially true when I have good tunes. I mean, am I the only person who feels like I'm in a movie when a particularly striking song plays? Every morning, I put my iPhone on shuffle and find myself influenced by whatever tune plays next. Having my own personal “soundtrack” makes me feel just like a star in my own movie. Just think, the theater has darkened, and the crowd sits back, ready to meet the main character. Cue music. Who are you going to be today? Here are some options:

Adele’s “Rumour Has It” – This one is all about the sass. Will make you feel like a femme fatale heartbreaker. Particularly fabulous if you happen to be walking up a flight of stairs as it plays. Each beat will match your footstep and your hips will sway.
Caution: May cause you to cast a smoldering look at the weird IT guy. Awkward.

Carla Bruni’s “J’en Connais” – Turns you into a sophisticated French woman by the first five beats. Will make you slow your pace slightly, and generally make you feel mysterious. Suddenly everything is la vie en rose, and you will wonder, where is the (nonexistent) Hermes scarf that you want to tie around your neck at a jaunty angle?
Caution: Makes you desperately need an espresso at the corner café.  

Taylor Swift’s “Dear John” – Your shoulders will stiffen and your chin will naturally lift in defense. Man, that John really screwed you over, didn’t he? You will wonder why you ever liked “Your Body is a Wonderland.” You will wish that he felt about you as he sang about in “Comfortable” (which is, by the by, the best song ever in the “I always hope my exes feel this way about me” category). When does 4th of July come around? Let’s light fireworks to symbolize how this dark and twisty guy will never ruin your optimism! Hooray for good girls!
Caution: You may develop an overly exaggerated “shocked face” when anything good comes your way.

Garrett Hedlund’s “Hard Out Here” –You will have to fight the temptation to stop right in your tracks, say to hell with the man, and enter the darkest, dankest bar you can find. You sigh. Life has been rough, and you need a Jack Daniels, but you need to make a living too. So you pull up your boots and amble along. Go slow, my friend.
Caution: You will be y’alling all day long.

The Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition” – Makes you feel like you’re hipster-trendier-more-adorkable than you really are with blunt cut bangs, long curls, and a fifties dress. In other words, Zooey Deschanel.  Seriously though, great song to start the morning. Says that this day will be a great one—full of adventure and color and life.
Caution: Also makes you want to kiss Joseph Gordon-Levitt.



taylor swift gets vogued


As a newly transplanted Nashvillian new to the country scene, I have no problem proclaiming that I love Taylor Swift. Yes, there is something to be said about the overdone OMG face that she makes whenever she wins an award (I have to admit that I think it is fake), and she is just a little bit too controlled for my liking; however, how can you not admire someone with such self-posession and talent who has not slipped up yet? She always makes beautiful fashion decisions and never has a hair out of place, and it was fun to see an edgier side of her in the Vogue photo spread for February 2012. The interview that is published on the website makes for good reading too. She sounds as sweet and enthusiastic as ever, but just a little more human. A more grown-up, T-Swift? Well, I am positively enchanted to meet you.