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crazy, stupid, love.

Last night, I decided to treat myself (and the hubs) to Crazy, Stupid, Love. While I jokingly referred to Ryan Gosling's fine form in a Facebook post earlier today, his looks aren't the reason (well, not the primary reason anyway) I have been thinking about the movie all day.

The film was a wonderful exploration of relationships, and what resonated with me are the following:

Relationships take effort. Steve Carrell let himself go and stopped trying because he was overly confident that the love he received was unconditional. Too often we take our significant others for granted. We forget that love is a gift that must continually be nurtured and cherished.

It takes two committed people to make a relationship work. The obvious point here (and I just have to toss this in) is that if the other person doesn't love you back, it isn't going to happen (sorry, kid). The more subtle point has to do with the fact that Steve and Julianne wanted to make it work at different times. You both have to be on the same page at the same time, but if you aren't...

Be patient with your significant other and be brave enough to express how you feel even if it isn't currently reciprocated. This is something Steve does over and over again with heartbreaking sweetness.

Forgive. We all make mistakes. Find it within yourself to forgive--and if you can't, then leave for real.

Aside from that, the fine, fine sight of Ryan Gosling did resonate with me as well, I must admit. That scene where he does the Dirty Dancing lift is incredible--and I don't even particulary like Dirty Dancing! But seriously now, out of all of the scenes in the movie (and some had us both laughing so hard), my very favorite one was where Ryan and Emma were talking in bed, just talking, so...

Never forget how you fell in love. I loved that scene best because they were two people discovering each other, talking about themselves, and learning about themselves. It reminded me of being in college with a certain boy and talking on the phone for hours, being enchanted by details like how he used to chase his dog around a tree as a kid or how he and his brothers stole their neighbor's turtle. It's the details that make you fall in love with someone, and that scene encapsulates it perfectly. I love when he asks her to ask him about himself, and he opens up and talks about his parents and it reveals how he ended up the way he did. And she accepts him. That is what we do when we fall in love. We accept each other, flaws and quirks and all. In the end, that was the true beauty of the film. It reminded me that we fall in love with, and are endeared by, the imperfections of others.

(And if you didn't get any of that, well, at least there's Ryan Gosling's abs.)