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my kind of marathon

I made the huge mistake of taking Netflix up on its generous offer to give me a free trial (I got off their bandwagon about two years ago). A few months ago, I came to the conclusion that I'm not really a television show kind of person anymore. I have a handful that I watch regularly, but aside from Top Chef and Game of Thrones, which is seen as soon as Michael and I can be in the same room (he travels a lot), I can hold off for a few days, even a few weeks, on Modern Family and New Girl. My interest in some pop culture faves: Scandal, Revenge, Big Bang Theory and the like, peaked and waned pretty quickly. I'm not a loyal viewer. Free time is limited after all, and I prefer to spend mine reading.

So imagine my surprise when I started marathon viewing shows! Now it's hard to pry me away from the screen. I've revisited Gilmore Girls, which I watched regularly throughout high school and college. It's wonderful to know that it lives up to my memories of it (unlike Dawson's Creek, unfortunately, although I still love Pacey). And, in a Lauren Graham streak, I'm viewing Parenthood from the pilot onward. My friend told me that he can't get through an episode without crying--and I've begun to prove that theory right.

I'm having a lot of fun--and I'm surprised by the lack of guilt from this television-binge. With the weather so unforgiving outside, it's nice to know there's something interesting to watch while I'm bundled up indoors. 


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