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the anniversary

Last week, Michael and I celebrated our fourth anniversary as a married couple. Looking back at those 25-year-olds, giddy, young, and pretty darn clueless, I marvel at how much we've changed, both as individuals and as partners.

I've heard many people say that their wedding day was the happiest day of their lives, and while I still love every single memory of our wedding and wouldn't change a thing, I told Michael that I don't feel the same way. I loved him completely the day we said our vows, and I do still, but oh how that love has changed. I value and appreciate him so much more now that even the little things make me ridiculously happy. I think that part of the risk in marrying young is that there is still so much unformed in a person's character---who is to know whether or not there will still be compatibility when both people in the relationship have so much change to undergo?

On the flip side, the beauty of finding each other so early is that we experienced so many things for the first time together. During our dinner at Josephine (they've begun doing a special ten-course tasting experience that was just wonderful), we marveled at all of the things we have tried together, places we never thought to go, dishes we never thought to eat. And we were happy and grateful and toasted to many, many more.