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Some people love Woody Allen films. Others hate them. And those are just the films, unfiltered by any opinions of the actual person. I'm in the "undecided" camp for both but have to say that I am very, very much looking forward to this next film. Cheeky romance set in the twenties with Colin Firth, who I've had a crush on ever since his Mr. Darcy days, and an adorable Emma Stone--what's not to love?



"I'm always a sucker for a love story."

- Sofia Coppola

Oh gosh aren't we all? This Saturday feels like the perfect time to beat the heat with a popsicle and a re-read of a classic. Pride and Prejudice, perhaps? Or maybe the film version (hello, Colin Firth).

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colin on books

Seeing this fabulous image this morning on English Muse made my day. As everyone and their mother knows, I have a ridiculous crush on Colin Firth. A few years ago, my grandmother and two of my aunts were in NYC and were directly behind him and his wife in line as they checked out of The Plaza. I almost died when I found out!

And now to learn that he likes to read books? That Livia Firth is a lucky, lucky woman.


the golden globes and a green carpet


Like most girls, I would say my very favorite part about award season is the clothes. First thing this morning (since I was too busy celebrating my birthday last night to actually watch the Globes--oops!), I went on my favorite websites to see who wore what. Oh, they did not disappoint. I have my favorites but was most fascinated by Livia Firth's gown. Livia blogs for Vogue UK's Green Carpet Challenge, and the Armani that she wore last night was made out of recycled bottles. Lucky girl is married to Colin Firth (for those who don't already know, I have a huge, HUGE crush), gets dolled up for the red carpet, and has a conscience while doing it.