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the pixie

After our trip to Europe this summer, I decided I would be growing out the pixie. It was the easiest cut I'd ever had, styling it took five minutes flat (no hairdryer, no flatiron!), and it was remarkably liberating--but cowlicks and crazy bedhead--and fighting windy days as a tourist (my hair never emerged victorious) got tiring. At least twice a year I wake up and need to do something to my hair and usually follow through within the next 48 hours. This time though there was nothing I could do but wait...and wait.

As a researcher by nature, I had read up on the good and the bad of the pixie cut weeks before getting my hair chopped. So yes, I knew I would be going through an extended awkward phase (two of my friends recently reminded me by sending a buzzfeed article that described it in hilarious detail). On Saturday, ten weeks after my last cut, I got my "duck tail" trimmed to avoid a full-on mullet. It's funny how you get used to your reflection in the mirror--I didn't realize how awkward I must have looked until after the trim.

As I settle in the loooooong stretch before being able to coil my hair and tie it in a precarious knot atop my head (for some reason this hairstyle and a fisherman sweater means "cozy winter" to me), the photos above of the adorable Carey Mulligan give me hope. She rocked every single phase of the growing-out period.

If all else fails, I have my trusty beanie. The one good thing about this miserable not-fall-like weather!

{image via which also has great practical advice for growing out the pixie cut}


in anticipation of a good adaptation

Hollywood gets it wrong a lot. Granted, it's hard to pull of a movie based on any popular book because fans already have set ideas in their heads about what the characters, places, etc, look like. But sometimes, Hollywood gets it right. And I think that the upcoming production of Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby is going to be one of those "got it perfectly" ones.

Given that Gatsby is one of my favorite books of all time, how is a girl to wait till Christmas 2012 to see it?!?!