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the in between


While I recognize that I get more excited about things than the average human being (or at least my husband), I can't be the only one who sometimes feels like they are antsy and ready to jump out of their skin when a trip is looming, can I?

The packing list has been made, everything that there was to plan has been planned, and there is nothing left to do but wait. Just...wait.

(I've never been a particularly patient person. This era of instant gratification works extremely well for me.)

It would be so much easier to just keep on willing the time away, but I find myself not wanting to do that. As a planner, there is always something next for me--an elusive dinner reservation, a trip, an actual life goal (it isn't all food and cocktails although there definitely is a lot of that). And I finally recognize that there is so much time in between one point to the next. I don't want to look back and think of all those moments squandered simply because I could not be bothered to sit and enjoy and feel.

So this week I'm making an effort to savor the time I have at home, wrapping up on work to make things lighter during the trip ahead. Home-cooked meals (last night's, anyway) taste so much better when I know that I won't be having them for a while as does enjoying a wide expanse of workspace that I can stack all my papers and messes on. I'll be working out of a tiny hotel escritoire for a while!

Life is made up of the in betweens. Easier to say than to remember, but at least I can try.

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