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a reminder

Three days after our anniversary mini-getaway to Austin, and I'm still basking in the afterglow of shared adventure. The trip was, in a nutshell, amazing. There were the big parts--the fancy dinners and craft cocktails from unique bars (Whisler's, above, is the most hauntingly beautiful place I've ever had the fortune to have an egg white concotion)--but, just as memorably, there were the small delights too--stumbling across two farmer's markets, trying kombucha for the first time, getting lost and finding the most adorable spots, staying out past two am like college kids, strolling around a park and holding hands. Just enjoying being.

I get that the point of a vacation is to slow down, recharge, see new things to revitalize you, but of course I can't help but want to recapture vacation-y feelings in my everyday life. This weekend was not only a reminder of what a gift it is to both give and receive love, secure in a partnership where we continue to grow together (we are both indelibly still, and yet worlds away from, the lovestruck college kids that we once were) but also of how I, how we, want to live--eyes always wide open with appreciation and wonder of all of the little things: the light striking a lake just so, the sun warming the skin, the deliciousness of a food truck treat, the delight in sharing any and all experiences.

Every day is a gift. Thank you, Austin, for reminding me of that.

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