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blink and it's friday

Work was so busy, busy, busy this week that I am extra glad I got to relax and regroup last Sunday. As I type, I look around and wince at the piles of papers in the office and heaps of dirty dishes (yikes!) in the kitchen. One of the side effects of working from home is having a full dishwasher every couple of days even when the husband is out of town. Well, he's home now, but dish duty is my domain (he who cooks, does not clean—and I do not cook), so our sink is not a pretty sight.

It's a good, tired feeling—akin to how you feel after a great workout—hitting Friday with most of my to-dos crossed off. And it’s so easy to look at the bright side during the holiday season. After all, part of the reason I'm so tired is that I had a late night (which means in bed at 11:30 for an oldie like me—I know, so exciting) decorating a Christmas tree with good friends and another night having a book club session where we, of course, did not talk about the book at all, and consumed three bottles of wine among six women instead. And while this weekend's schedule is jam packed, I can't complain about a double date brunch and holiday shopping. I'm also really, really excited about a good holiday sit-down dinner with friends, so much so that instead of stealing the two free hours I have to read and relax, I will be baking away, likely to some Christmas tunes. A store-bought cake would be simpler and, let's be honest, likely yummier, but it just isn't the same.

I wonder—if it weren't Christmas, would I feel as optimistic, would my need-three-cups-of-tea-before-ten tiredness roll off my back as easily? It's an unexpected gift, this reminder that a simple perspective shift can make me so much happier. How nice it would be if I could carry this kind of joyfulness all year round.

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