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wrapping up

It's early in the morning, and I'm typing in my office in the dark. Still I can see the chaos everywhere--piles of presents, rolls of shiny paper, unfinished lists, etc. It's the last three days before work officially goes on winter closure, and not long after that, Michael and I will be reunited with my family. But first, all of the emails need to be sent, the house cleaned, the to-dos squared away.

The other day, I emptied out a bottle of conditioner, body wash, and hand soap in the span of a morning. Don't you love that feeling when you finish something all the way through? Choosing just the right shampoo is a major source of glee--just ask my husband who has to wait (v. impatiently, of course) while I sniff every single option in the Target aisle. But I digress. My point is that crossing anything off the list feels like a major accomplishment these days.

The year is nearing its end, people. The magic of Santa and the tooth fairy have long faded away, but there is still something powerful about December 31st and the first day of the new year. Around this time, people talk about how new year resolutions don't work. Some take pride in not making any at all because what's the point? But I like to focus more on thinking than doing (although I do make resolutions!).

How was 2014? What did I love about it? What am I grateful for? What do I want to carry over into the new year? What do I want to be better at? What will make me happy? How do I want to treat others?

The quiet mornings are all the more special because they give me a chance to reflect. It's amazing how much--albeit sometimes how little--can occur in twenty-four hours, in five. Some of my favorite moments of the year only took two. As the clock winds down on 2014, it is awesome (in the old-fashioned sense of the word)  to think of all the possibilities, big and small, short and long, that lay ahead.

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