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move over, adam

Within the first five minutes of the show, I knew I would enjoy BBC's Sherlock, but I didn't know that I would love it so much that I would name my puppy after Martin Freeman's Dr. John Watson (in my mind, this would be his ideal human personality). And I didn't know that, over the years, my celebrity crush on Benedict Cumberbatch would grow to the point where it would eventually knock Adam Brody off first place.

The psychology of a celebrity crush is an interesting thing. It's admittedly weird to get a little thrill when I peruse photos online, but it's also a humorous party conversation starter and (am I being even weirder by saying?) harmless fun for a married woman to engage in.

Clearly, pretty much the entire internet agrees with me on Benedict Cumberbatch's appeal. I'll even admit that I was late to this party. I found him oddly attractive from the first, but my crush grew over time as opposed to a legion of women who fell instantly. It was the interviews that did me in. Aside from those increasingly handsome features and that accent, he's well-spoken, surprisingly down to earth (must be due to his fame late in the game), goofy, and engaged. I like a man who can commit. I mean, my husband had to remind me that I was married when I expressed disappointment the morning I read about his engagement to Sophie Hunter, but that's another story. My point is that celebrity is a very strange thing, and from what I read, I like how he's handling it. It must be fun to be his friend, I think.

In case you aren't convinced, have a different #1, or do not have him on your list entirely (if so, what on earth are you thinking?), read this great article in Elle UK's December issue. Out of all the pieces I've read on him, I like it best. Just be ready for some heart pitter-pattering and heavy sighs---and that's before you even get to the part about him describing Sherlock having sex. Yep, never thought I'd be interested in that when I was reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but what can I say?

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