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the pixie

After our trip to Europe this summer, I decided I would be growing out the pixie. It was the easiest cut I'd ever had, styling it took five minutes flat (no hairdryer, no flatiron!), and it was remarkably liberating--but cowlicks and crazy bedhead--and fighting windy days as a tourist (my hair never emerged victorious) got tiring. At least twice a year I wake up and need to do something to my hair and usually follow through within the next 48 hours. This time though there was nothing I could do but wait...and wait.

As a researcher by nature, I had read up on the good and the bad of the pixie cut weeks before getting my hair chopped. So yes, I knew I would be going through an extended awkward phase (two of my friends recently reminded me by sending a buzzfeed article that described it in hilarious detail). On Saturday, ten weeks after my last cut, I got my "duck tail" trimmed to avoid a full-on mullet. It's funny how you get used to your reflection in the mirror--I didn't realize how awkward I must have looked until after the trim.

As I settle in the loooooong stretch before being able to coil my hair and tie it in a precarious knot atop my head (for some reason this hairstyle and a fisherman sweater means "cozy winter" to me), the photos above of the adorable Carey Mulligan give me hope. She rocked every single phase of the growing-out period.

If all else fails, I have my trusty beanie. The one good thing about this miserable not-fall-like weather!

{image via which also has great practical advice for growing out the pixie cut}

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