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So...we bought a house! After spending the weekend moving, it's finally sinking in. Watson, fearless pup that he is, has taken to racing up and down the stairs like it's nuthin while the husband and I complain about our weak knees. It's been quite the move, and while it isn't over just yet, the kitchen is in order, and the end is in sight.

Now that the big obstacles are out of the way, I find myself marveling at how two very different people worked seamlessly as a team... Aside from the thrill of actually having this beautiful house, there were many moments throughout the weekend when I felt incredibly happy just working side by side with Michael. It was exhausting, it was painful, and it wasn't without injuries, but it was also so very satisfying to turn around and have my best friend right alongside me. We were each pulling our weight, doing some things separately and other things together, and appreciating the other's efforts. This weekend, I was really reminded of how amazing a partner my husband is, and how, house or no house (although we very much prefer house, please!), I am luckiest because I found him, my real home, long before we started making this concrete one together.

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