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i still do


Two years ago today, I put on a beautiful white dress, my aunt's wedding veil, and earrings from my grandmother. I held a bouquet of ranunculus that my good friend had made for me and walked down the aisle, first with my brother and then with my father, to Michael and the rest of my life.

It wasn't until my own wedding that I understood what people meant when they said that these events are celebrations of love. Looking all around me and seeing the faces of close friends and family, happy because we were happy, was unforgettable. As was the moment that Michael read the third line of our vows (mine are in italics) and everyone started laughing.

I love our vows. I love how they encapsulate the people we were when we fell in love and how within them there is room for us to grow. I already looking forward to every May 22nd that we will read them to each other and remember our special day. Here they are...


I vow to always cherish you

I vow to always cherish you

To buy you lots of books

To indulge your gaming side

To go on spontaneous adventures with you

To remember you need to relax once we get there

To kiss you good morning every morning

To cuddle you at night every night

To be adventurous in trying new food

To play video games with you

To take us wine tasting around the world

To let you sleep in and make you coffee on Sundays

To always remember to buy you fresh flowers

To take joy in our differences

To make the perfect home for us

To fill it with laughter and children

To always support you

To be thoughtful and kind

To hold your hand when we cross the street

To appreciate your little acts of kindness

To enjoy your singing

To indulge your jokes

To write you love letters

To treasure every word

To make every moment count

To tell our grandchildren how we fell in love

To accept and love you for who you are today, tomorrow, and forever

To accept and love you for who you are today, tomorrow, and forever

And to continually work to be a better person for you

And to continually work to be a better person for you

You make me want to be a better man.

You enable me to dream big dreams.

Do you vow to be my wife?

I do. Do you vow to be my husband?

I do.


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