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current obsession : three girls in chicago

I woke up on Sunday morning and all I wanted to do was write. When I was twelve or so, I started clicking and clacking away on a keyboard, writing what I dreamt would be the next great young adult novel, and it has been a source of joy ever since.

It was a lot easier to write in high school when I changed crushes every other week and also had oodles of time to stare off into space like Carrie Bradshaw (sans the ciggie, of course). When college rolled around, I would really just write during summer break. Then I started working full-time and was just too exhausted to be inspired and write about anything at all.

I actually finished a full-length YA the summer before my junior year of college. Full disclosure: It is terrible, and I wouldn’t have anyone other than my nearests and dearests read it. But that is no matter because I don’t do it for fame and fortune—even though admittedly that would be very nice. I write because I have to. Some people have the compulsion to dance or hum or snowboard. I have the need to stare at a laptop all day and think about character motivation while I’m on the treadmill.

I spent all of my Sunday and am spending far too much of today thinking about three friends in Chicago. Lily, Rebecca, and Emmaline are twentysomethings who share a beautiful house in Lincoln Park and help each other weather the storms of work drama, grad school stress, and, of course, boys. I haven’t been this excited about writing in a while. I actually can’t make myself stop. It is an absolutely delicious and giddy feeling—kind of like a crush.

I can’t wait to find out what these girls are up to.

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